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Lous Grezes

Lous Grezes is member of the Vins S.A.I.N.S. Wines "Sans Aucun Intrant Ni Sulfite" (ajouté), without chemicals, no added sulphites on the whole production. logo_vins_s.a.i.n.s

At a hight of135m - 180 m, the vines on a soil of marnes-valenginiens, very chalky clay soil, are the highest and poorest soil of Domessargues. Unlike the rich sunny atmosphere a fine acidity is guaranteed, a chalky taste is often present. The vines have a south west direction and have a average age of 40 years. Fertilizer is not allowed, at least a bit of compost is used if necessary. Working the land is completely mechanically as well as weeding out under the vines using handmaterial. Natural vineyards are maintained by exposure to the tramontana and mistral, which promotes organic farming. The proximity of the Cevennes explains variations in consistent temperatures between day and night. This empathetic approach demonstrates respect for the fruit and the plant.

The vine is cut late in 'double Guyot', the branches are built in ‘Palissage’ and have recently been enhanced to optimize photosynthesis. To control growth, the plant isn’t “ébourgeonné” anymore as before because, now, flowering yields are naturally controlled. The ‘entre-coeurs’ were evicted if necessary, it is a biological technique to avoid rot. But the current vegetation is more quiet and enjoy treatments to nettle BREW, horsetail, etc.. made at home. From there on, the grapes can ripen until the manual harvest. The fruit cannot be too mature when harvested, but must have enough ripe tannins, which requires perfect timing to the ready day of harvest to ensure fresh acids. During hand harvesting, a severe selection leads only good healthy grapes to the tank.


-Olivette - Là se trouve un merveilleux domaine dénommé l'Olivette, un grenache de haute qualité issu de vieux sarments (pas vraiment de vieilles vignes). Les raisins donnent un grenache concentré, à la couleur intense et aux saveurs récurrentes de chocolat. C'est le domaine où notre motivation trouva ses racines. Le résultat, c'est la Cuvée Alibi, un grenache 100%. -Les Crompes - Deux grands domaines de Grenache sont situés côté à côte et dominent la vallée au sous-sol argilo-calcaire, avec à nouveau un sous-sol de marne valanginien aux propriétés minérales et claquantes au palais.


-Alicante - Deux domaines voisins Alicante Bouschet complètement entourés de vieilles vignes. Des champs un peu rebelles, situés sur les hauteurs, au niveau de l'Olivette. Ils sont à l'origine d'une cuvée de grande valeur, typiquement italienne, dénommée l'Alicante (rendement 30hl/ha). -Les Crompes-Syrah - Juste sous l'Olivette, sur les flancs des pentes douces qui surplombent la vallée, se trouvent deux vignobles de 40 et de 35 ares de Syrah. A nouveau, il s'agit d'un beau vignoble, au rendement peu élevé certes, mais qui offre une structure fine et pleine de fraîcheur.


- Le Petit Plantier - Une plantation complètement nouvelle de Cabernet Sauvignon. Isolée et entourée de garrigues, avec une première récolte en 2005 destinée à la coopérative. - Mauressarques - Un terroir situé sur un plateau avec deux champs de Chardonnay, au sol argileux mais surtout calcaire.

Luc Lybaert

Luc (Lion) is a manual therapist (physiotherapist specializing, connected to the University of Ghent) keeps a firm in Ghent, Belgium. As a member and Chairman of several commanderies, he tasted wine for more than 35 years. Visiting the Piémont Cévenol(region Anduze) since his childhood and witness of a beautiful limestone soil in the garrigues he did not hesitate to start a new ‘domaine’ at the time the superb vineyards to Domessargues were proposed at him in 2002. It was the vine of the olivette (old Grenache) that toggles the decision to approach, the Alibi to make wine. The Alibi (!) already well renowned cuvee.

Trees Lybaert

When Trees Lybaert-Claes (Libra) married Luc, she always knew that she wouldn’t get bored with him. She was an educator in physical culture. It is Luc who passed on the virus to the wine. She is an excellent cook who has the intuitive ability to marry the available ingredients. Being its host is an exceptional culinary experience. Trees has a particular and unusual sense of taste. This skill is the key to the success of the vinification carried today. Assemblies made by their nose and taste buds testifies.

Trees and Luc

The complementarity of Lion and balance led the life of Luc and Trees to a lot of steps and procedures seeking the total natural in things.


Vins sans intrants

All wines wines are vinified, high and packaged without sulfites (Member ' S.A.I.N.S. wine) or other inputs. The wines have a potential unexpected guard.

The wines are part of the Cévennes region of the 'Piémont Cévenol' a true local mineral and highest terroir. However Lous Grèzes had the first Cuvées Duché d'Uzès in Japan, in Quebec or in Singapore, elected as winemakers of the year 2011-12 by the Gault and Millau ; the field take no more parts of the Duché d Uzès. The field wants to highlight the beautiful land and more Nordic region which is the Piémont Cévenol where the vineyards really are located... A wink by 'du chai du Grèzes' part.



rose to pressing direct often blend of grenache and cabernet sauvignon or Alicante Bouschet now also a Pet Nat in 2014

les elles 2014

Les Elles

white, chardonnay on a super limestone plateau. Rich and mineral

Le Lous

Le Lous

Le lous, is a cuvée of cabernet sauvignons multi vintage. Barrels wich were non - exclusive ones and were not used for sampling D&D



Oran-g-elles is chardonnay 2014 an orange wine with skin-maceration...

chateau chapeau

Château Chapeau

Château Chapeau: the wine is always a blend of several grapes; coming from vineyards in Montagnac. Especially sampled by Syrah, Grenache, merlot and Tempranillo. A little difference is possible according to the successes of the vintage for eah grape . I It is s an all-purpose wine who can accompany several moments : A salad, a pasta or by glass but even with good meat you can enjoy prerfectly

Les cuvées de terroirs

Treesor 2012


Treesor(hinted at Trees) shows two Domessargues Syrah terroir. A high range syrah, which reminds of the Northern Rhone.Syrahs. Often laagered in old barrels (from 18 to 30 months, depending on the need of the vintage)



D & D: 100% Cabernet sauvignon from vineyards in Domessargues: A wine of long guard with some Cabernet wall to the blackcurrant and the taste of truffles and peppers red, and limestone, mineral... In his youth he will accompany a good grilled steak, game... dishes with truffles



Alicia : comes from the varietal alicante Bouschet; 100% alicante, rare, available according to the successes of the Alicante (75 years old vines) Best cuvée @ several blind tastings on 100% Alicante

Alibi 2014


Alibi: 100% Garnacha from old vines, very calcareous. Highly sought after, this wine is an example of a grenache = ‘pinot noir du midi’. A full characteristic of good Grenache is witnessed. The name was dedicated because this terroir, the highest of the field surrounded by the ‘garrigues’, bushes, was the alibi to make wine. It’s here the decision to try and create a domain in 2003 was taken. (' If we cannot work natural here you can do it nowhere.

Les Crompes

Les Crompes

the little brother of Alibi; 100% grenache from the nearby land, Les Crompes' ; finesse



LL : top wine; 50% carignan 50% syrah, the best 2 barrigues if they are present with a tasting of complexity , finesse, harmony and with an objective PAI who should spend at least 10 seconds often 11-12 which remains rare. The last wine is 2012 at this time. Sweet Kiss : sherry, pink end and sweet amazing complex type...


Baiser sucré

Type sherry, rosé fin et doux d’une incroyable complexité...

Harvest 2016

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